David is a certified technical professional with over 20 years of experience providing e-Solutions, business, and technical consulting and training services. David was born in Iran, educated, lived and worked in Canada and the USA holds engineering degrees (BSEE, and MS-Engineering Management), and has served hundreds of SMB clients with a track record of clienteles’ endorsements.

Additional Information:

Nonprofit Agile Community of Project Leaders
Co-founder of a global Agile community of experienced Project and Program Managers (PPM). We communicate our practices using a publishing platform to share our “Inspect and Adapt” activities of hands-on Agile activities performed by PPMs and for PPMs. Visit www.SVProjectManagement.com and share your insights regarding Agile and collaborative change management. Join us to build a nonprofit community of Agile and Scaled-Value Project and Program Management; www.ASVPM.org.

Adjunct Faculty/Instructor; Agile and Project/Program Management
Creating and teaching Agile and Project Management courses at Silicon Valley campuses of UC Santa Cruz, and Northeastern University. Some of the courses instructing include Agile Product Lifecycle Management, Managing International Projects, Managing Project Scope Management, Project Stakeholder Management, and Project Schedule Optimization.

Agile and Project Management
eSolutionLab includes a group of certified and experienced Structured Project and Program Managers and Agile coaches and team builders focusing on organizational excellence, one team at a time to scaled level. We combine decades of team-building activities to help our clients to stay ahead of the competition. Call or email for your specific (technical) project, or (product) portfolio, and we will work with you till successful completion.

Expert Technical Program Leadership
Over 30 years of experience in technical and Internet-related products and services, with over 20 software products development. We have served over 200 clients; planned, developed, implemented, and supported a variety of products and services including full-stack applications (SaaS, PaaS, Web, mobile), IT infrastructure (Hadoop lab, data center, and migration), and support services.

Coaching and Training Workshops
We have created numerous corporate training sessions, custom workshops, and instruction classes to help and empower cross-functional teams and organizations undertaking complex projects. We have helped our clients’ local talents as well as globally located multi-disciplined teams with their level of training needs. Our experts hold certifications from accredited institutions such as Scrum Alliance, Scaled Scrum, Scaled Agile, Scrum International, PMI, and other consulting, technical and professional organizations. A few workshops include Agile Frameworks for Managers, Hybrid Frameworks for Professionals, Scaled Agile and Complex Projects, Managing International Projects, and Agile and Project Optimization for Managers. Our workshops are result-driven and customized to customers’ needs.

My Background:
I am a certified technical professional with BSEE, MS-Engineering Management, CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, CSM®, CSPO®SAFe®4.5 SPC, Scrum@Scale, and Scrum International. I have developed 20+ software products (SaaS, PaaS, CRMS, ERPS, e-Commerce) and served over 200 SMBs. I have also managed technical projects and programs, contributing to our technical/professional communities (PMI - SV & SFBAC, meetups, public speaking). My passion is building and coaching technical and professional teams to create systems over-lasting our generation!

Certified Scrum Professionals (CSPs) have proven experience and have the right knowledge to bring lasting change to your organization. Transform your workforce with candidates who have proven experience using the Agile and Scrum approach to get any complex, innovative scope of work done. http://info.scrumalliance.org/CSP-Page.html


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