This course starts examining (project) managers’ roles and responsibilities. So, we are dealing with the next generation project and program leaders driving innovations and over complex challenges. Students are mostly coming out of their BS studies with little or no (project) management experience. Providing a full picture of how to initiate a large and complex project, carefully plan a complete lifecycle of a complex and $multi-million program, and help them understand the execution of a value stream roadmap using the latest frameworks, tools, and techniques is a daunting task!

I will have short snippets of topics and how I help the next generation of scientists to acquire and consciously blend various artistic “human” talents. They will be equipped with both arts and science of project management to bring cross-functional professionals to create values. The following values, even though high-level, are filled with lessons learned from various hands-on projects that I have been involved in during my past 30+ working lifecycles!

Winter 2022 Class

Starting from the definitions, principles, and methods of project management, we define various processes and knowledge areas of project lifestyles of different natures. We then examine project initiation, the foundation of project planning, requirements gathering, scope planning, scheduling, and resource and cost management using various cases and their outcomes.

As a major activity of a project manager, we clarify various baselines such as scope baseline, cost baseline, and performance measurement baseline using class group projects. Detailed examination of quality and risk management are studied separately with related case studies. Monitoring and controlling a well-planned project depends on well-versed communications plans, and we accomplish these tasks using team collaboration to achieve group assignments.

For Winter 2022, Students’ class group assignments include: