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The Agile-at-Scale Imperative

As consumers, employees, and partners expect instant interaction on demand, organizations of all sizes in every industry are hard-pressed to be agile at scale. To stay in the game, companies need to innovate quickly with their products and services, and continuously validate with users and markets. Operational efficiency, customer experience, and business efficiency must continuously improve.

About Us

offer high-value high-impact solutions to companies and teams. We:

  • provide timely information, expertise, insight, and coaching for execution;

  • bring all participants to focus on quickly delivering value with built-in quality, and continuously learning and adapting; and

  • coach and work with large teams, and teams of teams, to interact and be agile at scale.

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Our Motto

At , we practice what we coach. We coach from deep belief borne of extensive diverse experience, and from continuously learning and updating with the best practices in lean, agile, system thinking, wholistic user experience, and optimal learning itself.

coaches and instructors transfer insight and understanding, not only knowledge. We find and create helpful resources, organize learning opportunities, and foster independent exploration and sharing.

A Flexible Supportive Partner

Individuals and organizations are unique. Every player, fan, manager, and the owner knows that the objective is to win every game, and the goal is to win the championship. It’s the same for everybody. They also know every player and every team is unique. The coach must recognize the character of each player, and raise the level of each player and the team as a whole.


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What do our happy customers have to say about us

David has been my top to-go Agile and Scrum advisor since I started learning about these practices a decade ago. He has mentored me to realize Agile as a mindset at the management and team levels. He has guided me in implementing the Scrum framework in several of my software product development initiatives. An area David has provided me with the most helpful consultation is deciphering anti-patterns in my organization and how to utilize Lean-Agile to remedy them. He is a true educator in Agile software development.

Hooshyar Naraghi

Thank you so much, David! The learning curve in the two courses has been exuberant! But for me, your empathy and passion for this field were even more important to learn from.

Richa Sawahney

I cannot express how much I appreciate your teachings and your support. This is not just within the classroom environment because your teachings and support go beyond that. It is rare to find a teacher who genuinely cares and who actively does something to help.

I look forward to seeing you in some PMI meetings, and I am most looking forward to being involved in SV Project Management.

Lalaine Denia

I am very happy to share my experience across two terms / two courses, all my apprehensions were dispelled in the very first hour of the class, away from regular PMBOK, knowledge areas, and processes – Prof. David went beyond, and his passion for the subject started resonating with us. Prof. David’s day-to-day examples connecting with Project Management were immensely helpful in grasping the subject and understanding the concepts well.

Krishna Reddy Esireddy

Thank you for your patience and for creating an environment where we are allowed to fail as well as succeed. For allowing us to ask questions without judging and for having a growth mindset with us. It is always a pleasure to have you as a professor and I appreciate how approachable you are. Thank you so much for keeping us engaged, learning, and laughing.

Ruchika Sharma

Dear Professor David,

You were an amazing addition to the University and our class. My main takeaway from the class was how to build and lead a team. Even though we got a lot of practical PM knowledge, for example, requirement gathering and scope management, I think your core subject should be leadership! It is not possible to apply the theory without knowing how to lead a team of professionals.

I wish you all the best in your career and more wonderful and curious students.

Aleksandra Belugina

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