From Lean to Kanban and from Scrum to Scalable Agile, is your One-Stop Training and Coaching Solutions.

Any given situation and business environment require its assessment to increase productivity.Training

We train professionals in workshop settings with ample examples. In various scenarios, we examine the anatomy of the improvements in hand. We will evaluate several methods and investigate a possible hybrid approach to increase team productivity – incrementally and iteratively! We examine the best practices.

Our success stories are a testament to our training outcomes with regard to professionals in environments such as business management, marketing, and sales.

Agile for Professionals

A complete Introduction to Agile Project management as PM framework, starting from PMBOK to Agile, and hybrid:

  • 2-day workshop – 16 hours of training and collaborative engagement

  • Covering waterfall project process groups, over 10 different flavors of Agile, and a few hybrid methods

  • Highlighting the strengths of various frameworks

  • Mentoring and providing case studies

  • Led by certified Scrum and Agile professional

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Agile PLM

The businesses of the future are ready to change, to compete with the new and disruptive companies that are coming after their market share.

Using Agile to implement PLM enables continuous improvement, and care of the principle of Fail-Fast, Learn-Quicker.

One of the greatest benefits of Agile is the ability to make quick wins and show people that “out of little acorns, big trees can be grown”.

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Scrum Master Certification

Certified ScrumMaster is one of the most sought-after certifications in the field of Agile software development!

Our trainers and coaches have been providing hands-on workshops training professionals to go beyond passing the Scrum Certification from various Scrum certification authorities (such as Scrum Alliance,, Scrum International, etc.).

All our courses are designed for real-life applications. Our 98% pass rate for the Scrum Master course is just the beginning. At the end of the 2-day training, you will have the confidence and know-how to implement Scrum immediately.

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Hybrid Framework (Waterfall +/ Scrum +/ Kanban +/ XP/FDD/TDD/BDD/DSDM, etc.)

Assess existing processes and incorporate Agile frameworks to increase productivity while reducing waste and building winning and fun teams.

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Examples of some customized courses:

SAFe® Value Stream Mapping

Connecting Scaled Agile Transformation to Business Strategy focused on specific business-driven initiatives.

Introduction to Lean Startup

Helping startup business executives and teams to model their demanding tasks, and coach them to achieve milestones.

Full-Stack Agile Team Workshop

A full-Stack development environment is different from any other as its needs are a hybrid of a few other environments. We will coach team members to eliminate their waste and increase their output with much less effort.

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We offer a number of training options and certificates designed to get you up and running fast!

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