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SVAgile is looking for volunteers to help update the SVProjectManagement website.

Our team of volunteers who has been responsible for building the SVProjectManagement community is concluding their 7th sprints. If you are interested in helping with a few hours a week working with a great team of experts getting some Scrum, web, and publishing experience (using WordPress), please email our SVPM Product Owner Donald Stringari, or leave us a note on our Volunteer page.

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We occasionally invite special host to discuss Lean Agile through Meetup.

Below are documents and links from our past meetups.

January 21, 2020 – Achieving Excellence over Avoid Errors with Intent-Based Leadership®
November 19, 2019 – Leading Agile International Projects
Link to site: Meetup
Presentation file: PDF
Video file: Lean-Agile Intl-1, Lean-Agile Intl-2, Lean-Agile Intl-3, Lean-Agile Intl-4
September 17, 2019 – Cognitive Illusion
August 20, 2019 – Uncovering and Tapping into a Team’s Culture in Real Time
July 16, 2019 – Show me the Money! Defining Enterprise Value at Scale
Presentation file: PDF
Template: Lean Canvas Template
June 18, 2019 – SAFe®: Core Competencies and Their Benefits – SAFe
May 21, 2019 – Cynefin: Situational Decision Making & Leadership In A VUCA World
Presentation file: PDF
Exercise: Butterfly Stamped Exercise
March 19, 2019 – Kanban Principles and Practice
February 19, 2019 – How to Ensure Successful Enterprise Agility
January 15, 2019 – If You Are Agile, What Do Managers Do?
December 5, 2018 – Lean Agile Meetup End-of-Year Recap
November 20, 2018 – Catalytic Mechanisms – Effortless Ways to Achieve Results
Presentation file: PDF
October 19, 2018 – Making Agile Decisions with Market Insights
September 18, 2018 – Real-Life Experiences in Scaled Agile PI Planning
Presentation file: PDF
August 21, 2018 – Connect Scaled Agile Transformation to Business Strategy Using Value Stream Maps
Presentation file: PDF
Video file: Lean Agile Insights YouTube – 08/18/2018
Recap of presentation: AgiLeanIT website
July 17, 2018 – Hardware-Software Systems Development: Methodologies, Dependencies, Tools