Dianne McGaunn


Additional Information

Dianne has a varied and rich background. With an initial education and experience in business and accounting, she quickly found technology to be much more interesting, allowing for her to utilize her more creative, challenge-oriented orientation. After close to a decade in various roles in technology, she taught and led in schools for nearly two decades. In the last few years, she has returned back to the technology space. Currently, she is a quality assurance engineer at a startup company in the Boston area and is integrally involved in Silicon Valley Project Management as a Scrum Master and Product Owner. She continues to support educational initiatives aimed at raising the bar in education worldwide, especially regarding project- and nature-based learning. She is also dedicated to initiatives to raise the awareness of ethics and security/privacy in technology. She is grateful to have found the Agile mindset and Scrum/lean frameworks, which, in her words, “add some degree of ‘mindfulness’ to the process of continual change and improvement”.