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1. Scrum Guide says: Scrum Team must fulfill (or abandon) one Product Goal before taking on the next. This improves:

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2. A traditional project manager can transform into a Scrum Master if:

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3. Product Backlog Items (User Stories) can be written by:

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4. Check all the formal opportunities to inspect and adapt.

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5. ______ are present in the Sprint Backlog and are normally estimated in hours.

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6. A Scrum Team lives all the Scrum values, and also understands that the values are strongly interlaced with each other and that each cannot be displayed in isolation. While displaying the Scrum values, they build the following that can help them succeed in the longer run:

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7. Empiricism is NOT:

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8. Inspect and Adapt is the accountability of: (Select all that apply)

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9. The following are mandatory skills for a Scrum Master:

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10. The 5th event in Scrum is:

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